Organizations of immigrants from Ireland, Bulgaria, Italy, and Norway participate in the European project From idea to implementation based on European know-how and Germany coordinates the project. The partners expect to implement the project in three years (31 months), from February 2022 to August 2024 Within the framework of the project, the partners plan to hold 5 transnational project meetings with 2-4 participants from each partner organization and 2 multiplier events.
The innovation of the project extends to several aspects described in George Ritzer’s four-dimensional model of social reality. This model will be applied for a comprehensive understanding of the problems of integration processes, consisting of the personal level, the level of interpersonal interaction, the level of culture and cultural values, as well as the level of state institutions and legislation. The model will allow understanding of the processes of integration both at the micro-level (individual) and at the macro-level (culture and values), as well as at the subject level (personality, personality level, individual psychology) and the macro level, covering the functioning of the state. This approach makes it possible to cover and collect an overview of the majority of organizations involved in integration at different levels, as well as the person himself. It also provides a basis for creating a common theoretical platform for comparing the functioning of integration mechanisms in European countries, identifying and understanding the unique profile of each country, as well as understanding the unique resources and weaknesses within each of the considered states. The strategic partnership within the project ensures that relevant organizations working at the four levels of the integration process meet and share best practices.
The results of the project will be made available to the general public in order to understand the path of integration and solve related problems.

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